PackTiger ™
Paper Cushioning System

The best choice for protective paper packaging

PackTiger™ Paper Cushioning System Fast, easy and reliable paper system
Create paper packaging at unmatched speeds

Introducing the PackTiger™ paper packaging system from Sealed Air, the fastest paper packaging system in the industry. Capitalizing on Swiss design and engineering, the PackTiger™ system creates custom-length paper pads, up to 150 per minute, which can be used in a variety of packaging techniques, including cushioning and blocking and bracing.
Push-button operation and easy loading
The PackTiger™ system features an easy-to-use control panel that stores up to 24 custom pad configurations. In manual mode, creating pads is as simple as pushing a button or foot pedal. The PackTiger™ system can also be run in automatic mode, using easy, onetouch access buttons for frequently-used pad configurations. The bottom-loading design creates fast material changeovers, getting you up and running in no time.
Environment… Energy… Economy…
The PackTiger™ paper packaging system provides for environmental stewardship throughout your pack aging operation. First, TigerPad™ material can be easily reused or recycled, saving on natural resources. Second, a patented, single-motor design reduces power consumption as compared to other paper systems resulting in greater energy conservation. Finally, since the paper material is lofted, strong and durable, less material is required to provide “more” protective packaging performance for a wide variety of product applications. In summary, the PackTiger™ system represents Sealed Air’s holistic design approach for cost-effective use of sustainable resources.
Effortlessly integrates into your current operation
The elegant design of the PackTiger™ system allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your current packaging operation with ease. The system is ideal for workstations, as TigerPad™ material can be taken straight from the system or batched into bins.

Options such as a foot pedal and remote keypad make the PackTiger™ system suitable for online operation as well. At half the weight and footprint of traditional paper packaging systems, the portable PackTiger™ system is easy to position anywhere.
The Sealed Air advantage
The PackTiger™ system provides something no other paper system can match: the peace of mind that comes with selecting a rugged and dependable Sealed Air packaging system. The PackTiger™ system requires minimal service and is built to last, delivering greater uptime and a more profitable packaging operation.
220 - 240V - Single Phase grounded outlet
13A, 50Hz

Weight (without roll):
118 kg

Overall Size (L x W x H):
870mm x 690mm x 1500mm